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MiFi is the brand name for portable devices from Inseego Corp. A MiFi device works as a mobile hotspotincludes a built-in modemand serves as a wireless router. Use a MiFi device to create an ad hoc network that helps several devices share a data connection on a cellular network. Inseego makes several models of MiFi devices. Some are only available from certain carriers, and some are global:. The devices are small, some barely four inches wide.

Wireless service providers such as Verizon and Sprint sell their own branded versions of MiFi. Connecting a MiFi device to a cellular network typically requires setting up or updating a service contract with your cellular service provider. A MiFi usually has its own data connection from the cellular service provider. Configuring local wireless support and connecting Wi-Fi devices to a MiFi is similar to connecting with other wireless routers. Also, when several devices use the MiFi connection at the same time, speeds can drop because the MiFi shares the bandwidth of its cellular network connection among those connected devices.

Monitor your MiFi usage. The convenience of connecting devices such as laptops, which often consume larger amounts of data than smartphonescan quickly use up data plan quotas. Portable hotspots like the MiFi require significant power to run. Depending on how many devices you connect and your usage, the battery life may or may not be sufficient for your needs. However, current MiFi models can provide a full day's worth of power to average users who connect intermittently before the device requires recharging.

Tweet Share Email. It includes simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi. Up to 15 Wi-Fi clients can connect simultaneously. It includes a built-in power pack that charges external devices.If you lean on your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot so often that you suffer from constant battery anxiety, it might be time to upgrade to a dedicated hotspot. It takes advantage of the largest and one of the fastest LTE networks in the US, it has good battery life, and it can even charge your phone or tablet.

The L works on the fastest, most reliable LTE network and has sufficient battery life to crank through all but the longest workdays. Most people who need only occasional Internet access for their own laptop should just tether to their phones, but the Verizon Inseego Jetpack MiFi L does the job more reliably and for much longer periods.

Its battery lasts through all but the longest workdays—it averaged almost 13 hours in our tests—and it has a USB-C port that you can use to charge your phone or tablet if necessary. And because the hotspot charges via that same port, you can use the AC adapter from a USB-C laptop or Android phone to recharge it, saving on bag space.

But to get the most value out of this carrier, skip past its postpaid plans and buy one of its prepaid hotspot plans instead. Those levels allow serious and sustained use. As for the 5G hotspots Sprint and Verizon now sell, they cost too much and deliver their advertised speeds in far too few places, so you should skip them for now.

Just about every smartphone available now can act as a hotspot, sharing your data signal over Wi-Fi with your tablet, laptop, or other devices. Network: Reliability is the reason to buy a hotspot, starting with the network behind it. Battery life: Your hotspot should be able to last a full workday and give you plenty of breathing room. Though 10 hours advertised run time is the absolute minimum worth considering, the best hotspots can last over 20 hours straight.

Wi-Fi flexibility: A hotspot should support both 2. Support for And a guest-network option to share your connection lets you hand out a simpler password to friends or acquaintances. Universal charging: The large battery on most hotspots should also be able to lend a charge to a phone or tablet over standard USB cables. Measurements with the Speedtest site and app informed our decision, but we focused mostly on network reliability and coverage, with the battery life and usability of each hotspot as secondary considerations.

The Verizon Inseego Jetpack MiFi L is the best hotspot for most people because of its exceptional coverage, fast performance, and good battery life. LTE Advanced allows a device to use multiple frequency ranges simultaneously, along with License Assisted Accessanother advance that allows a carrier to shift some traffic into unlicensed spectrum when available.

That strength was key to our recommending Verizon as the best wireless carrier for most people. In our tests, the L connected with boring reliability. Uploads averaged 21 Mbps. The only other hotspot we tested with this thoughtful addition is the Sprint version of the same device. Note that exceeding those caps through the hotspot leaves you throttled back to a useless kbps.

Unlimited LTE Hotspot for whole home wifi network with TTL Bypass

You may need to type the backup local IP address of We recorded a battery life of 11 hours 20 minutes for thealmost as good as the results we saw from the Verizon L under the same test conditions. And like its cousin, the quickly charges via any standard USB-C cable and can share both bandwidth and power provided the hotspot has more than a 25 percent charge the same way.

It also offers the same simple touchscreen interface, except in color. The one obvious difference to us over time: Prying loose the battery cover took more force on the than on the L.

The also supports dual-mode 5 GHz and 2. Advanced settings, just like on the Verizon L, await in a Web-admin interface, accessible in a browser via my.

The Fundamentals of the MiFi Mobile Hotspot

New hotspots come out less frequently than new smartphones, and many hotspot models for sale at the big four carriers have been out for more than a year. At this writing, its price tag is also more than three times that of the Verizon L. That leaves its 4G lineup topped by a bulky model without a touchscreen—any change of its settings demands opening its Web admin interface on a connected device. Battery life is the strongest feature of the Nighthawk, hitting 20 hours 2 minutes in our test.

The device also has an Ethernet port, allowing for a wired network connection to a laptop in addition to its USB-tethering option. At all. The carrier sells only the unimpressive Alcatel Linkzone online; the newer but also subpar Coolpad Surf vanished from its site during our evaluation.Even though it looks nearly identical to its older sibling, the L is a major forward in terms of raw cellular capability - and it was the first device to bring gigabit-class LTE technologies to Verizon's Jetpack lineup.

With 5G technology looming on the horizon, this hotspot perhaps represents Verizon's LTE performance pinnacle in the pre-5G world. This would have been a major red flag a few years ago, but it is growing extremely rare to find areas where Verizon has 3G and no LTE coverage.

mifi 8800l tether to router

But if you do know that you will be spending time in any of these places - do keep this in mind before upgrading. Verizon has extended the shut down of their 3G network until late We have had the L in continuous testing since it first came out.

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This method works with almost all routers, and is compatible with 3rd-party tethering apps like PdaNet the help users get around tethering data caps on unlimited plans. Good luck covering your basement theater setup and your upstairs laptop at the same time. By contrast, if you tether it to a router via USB, the router does all the hard work, and keeps your phone charged at the same time. But there are several tricks to still use the official tethering feature on those plans.

The problem? But here are the highlights:. Open your web browser and go to the local IP address of your router. By default this will usually this will be In this example, ours is On the left side of your control panel are the different settings sections. If your Asus router model has a USB 3. Depending on your phone model and Android version, the tethering options may be in a different place.

We tested this tutorial on a Droid Turbo running Android 6. Once you activate the tether on your phone, it will take a little while for the router to recognize your active internet connection. If all else fails, restart reboot the router, which will sometimes help settings take effect.

mifi 8800l tether to router

You may need to re-enable tethering on your phone after the router reboots. Most mobile companies actually throttle 4G data especially video when it is routed to a non-mobile device. Your 4G provider can see this header and knows which packets are going to a tethered device and which ones are going to a mobile device. Want proof? Tether your phone to your PC and then try to stream a 4k youtube video at full resolution you have to manually change the resolution to 4k using the video settings tool in youtube.

It will constantly rebuffer. On the same tethered connection, simply by connecting to a nearby VPN server we used Private Internet Access for this test we were able to instantly go from p max resolution to 4k max resolution on Youtube.

Verizon Jetpack MiFi 8800L Antennas & Boosters

Trust me, the difference is huge. It works with almost any router model. So if you frequently work at a desk, or have a desktop computer near your router, this method is perfect. Ideally this would be a computer or tablet with full web-browser access.A stronger cell signal can mean faster Internet speeds.

We offer a several different options to boost the cell signal strength to your L MiFi:. A cost effective way to increase the cellular signal strength to your l is to attach an external antenna. The L has two small antenna ports located on the side covered by plugs. We have an external antenna adapter see products below that connects to this ports and to an antenna. A powered cellular amplifier works by taking the available wireless signal, amplifying it, then rebroadcasting it to and from your cellular device.

You can also use powered amplifiers including cellular repeater type systems that don't connect to your device at all. We list several of these types of cellular signal booster systems below. Below are other options to boost the signal to your Verizon MiFi. More powerful solutions can also boost the signal in larger areas within buildings and vehicles. Need other options or recommendations? We would be happy to help.

Feel free to Contact Us for expert advice and support. AlternativeWireless Antenna Adapters. Attach A MiFi l External Antenna A cost effective way to increase the cellular signal strength to your l is to attach an external antenna.

mifi 8800l tether to router

Powered Signal Booster Option A powered cellular amplifier works by taking the available wireless signal, amplifying it, then rebroadcasting it to and from your cellular device.

Need Help? Products Per Page: 8 12 16 20 40 Columns: 1 2 3 4 6. Add to Cart. Connects external antennas to your mobile device. Requires cellular antenna not included.From setup to Parental Controls, Tether provides a simple and intuitive user interface to check the status of your networking devices and configure more personal settings for your network. If you need to reboot, update, or reconfigure your home router while at the office or on vacation, TP-Link Cloud Service makes it easy.

TP-Link Cloud Compatibility. Setup the network name, password, and internet settings to get online in no time. Wave goodbye to Wi-Fi thieves! Tether provides a smart and feature-rich way to control and monitor your network within your home and on the go thanks to remote management.

Parental Controls ensure personalized and appropriate internet access for every family member. Tether is compatible with vast categories of devices. Fully control a wide range of routers and extenders, all from Tether. To get started with Tether, be sure you are connected to one of our compatible devices below. Click below for update if necessary. Tether App supports up to 24 languages, enabling easy network management for users all over the world.

TP-Link, Reliably Smart. Smart Management and Personalized Network with Tether Tether provides a smart and feature-rich way to control and monitor your network within your home and on the go thanks to remote management. Create and choose the profile you would like to manage. Set the filter content to block websites. Control and limit access to the network to certain times of the day.

One App. Many Devices. Supporting Multiple Languages Tether App supports up to 24 languages, enabling easy network management for users all over the world. Let's Connect www.Made by inseegoformerly Novatel, the MiFi L is an oval plastic box that measures 4. On top, it has a 2. You can open the underside of the hotspot to get to its removable mAh Li-Ion battery.

The L uses a nano-SIM. After all, this is a Verizon device. You need to press and hold it for a few seconds to turn on the hotspot. It works fine though I find it a bit finicky. The most exciting part is the USB-C port.

How to share Unlimited 4G Data with your Router

I tried that with my Pixel 3 XL, and the charging worked fine. In this case, you can choose to make it also work as a mobile hotspot at the same time or not. This option is cool but impractical. Out of the box, the L comes with a secure Wi-Fi network that you can use right away. And for a small device, the MiFi L does have a lot of features. Others, such as a computer, will need a software driver first.

Other than that, the MiFi L also has all the standard settings found most routers. These include port forwarding, port filtering, MAC filtering, firewall, Guest network, and more. Per inseego, the MiFi L is the first and, for now, the only hotspot in the U. For this reason, it can work almost anywhere in the world.

In the U. S, however, it works best only with Verizon. Ether is more than fast enough to deliver its cellular Internet in full. Verizon has good cell coverage in the area, and I was able to get good reception — and therefore fast Internet speed — without using external antennas. On average, I got about 40Mbps, but there were locations I got up to Mbps. The slowest speed I got was around 15Mbps. Generally, I could stream movies to three devices at a time while using a fourth for other tasks without any problem at all.

mifi 8800l tether to router

Otherwise, you can blow through any data caps in a matter of just a few hours. The battery life was also impressive.