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It is an upgraded version of the California line offered as a hardtop convertible that sports new sheet metal and refined, notably less awkward body features. These updates include subtle changes like a new FEsque front fascia on a revised chassis with an updated interior.

Instead of the two sets of vertically stacked exhaust pipes, the California T has them set neatly in a row. It provides easily accessible power, ideal for everyday driving, with tighter steering and much better balance than its predecessor thanks to having the engine mounted lower in the chassis.

turbocharged ferrari california t sets pulses

The California T exists as a decidedly practical machine that posits as an affordable option amongst veritable racehorses. The used California T for sale comes with a 3. The T in this latest version of the California line of tourers stands for "turbo," so you can be sure that the rest of the features are just as impressive. Updated MagneRide adaptive suspension and a 7-speed dual-clutch paddle-shifted transaxle transmission with different gear ratios lend the California T to an unmistakably pleasant driving experience.

She'll rev from mph in 3. To reduce lag, the California T relies on small turbochargers and a proprietary variable boost management system. There are also those impressive carbon-ceramic brakes to round out the list of updated features. The Ferrari California T, like the California, was offered with an HS Handling Speciale package for drivers who prefer sportier handling to a stiffer ride. They are distinguished by a matte grey grille and rear diffuser, as well as matte black diffuser fences and exhaust tips.

Under the hood, the HS package offered stiffer springs, retuned premium magnetic dampers, faster gear shifts in Sport mode, optimized stability control, and a new, noisier sport exhaust system. The Tailor-Made program allows for significant customization, including dozens of liveries inspired by other iconic Ferraris.

Inside, the Ferrari California T comes fully outfitted in plush, fragrant leather and fully customizable color combos with contrast stitching. If you want to splurge, add optional carbon-fiber touches for an even sportier look.

There is also an intuitive touchscreen infotainment screen and was one of the first road production cars to come with ApplePlay. There's plenty of room in the trunk for some luggage for a weekend getaway, even with the roof stowed when the top is down. As a bonus, the Ferrari California T comes standard with seven years of maintenance from Ferrari. This Ferrari California T 2dr Convertible features a 3.

turbocharged ferrari california t sets pulses

It is equipped with a 7 Speed F1 Dual-clutch transmission. The vehicle is Nero Daytona Metallic with This low mileage example has always remained in Loaded With Options: Carbon Naples Motorsports Naples, FL. This program covers the Prestige Imports Miami, FL.

turbocharged ferrari california t sets pulses

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You will be sent a copy of this email to the email address you provided. Make Ferrari show more show less. Model California T show more show less.The Ferrari California T epitomises the sublime elegance, sportiness, versatility and exclusivity that have distinguished every California model since the s. It is a car brimming with innovation that will more than meet the expectations of discerning clients for whom fun behind the wheel is a priority, but who also demand a sumptuously comfortable Grand Tourer they can use every day.

Like all Ferraris, the California T boasts cutting-edge technological solutions that make it absolutely unique, most notably the new turbocharged V8 engine. It is now also, of course, back at the heart of our latest F1 single-seater. A genuinely unprecedented achievement that sets a new benchmark for the industry. A completely new engine that, in a world first, combines the instantaneous response to commands, blistering performance, impressive torque and signature sound typical of a conventional Ferrari power unit with the fuel efficiency of a turbo.

Turbo lag has also been virtually eliminated by cutting overall masses and inertia, and the use of the F1-derived flat-plane crankshaft and innovative twin-scroll turbines. The torque curve increases constantly across the rev range too, thanks to proprietary Variable Boost Management software that adjusts torque delivery to suit the gear engaged. Clever design and manufacturing techniques have also produced a classically powerful, exhilarating Ferrari soundtrack too.

The California T boasts true sports car dynamics too, thanks to reduced steering wheel activity and improved steering wheel responsiveness to driver inputs as a result of a new steering box and new mechanical set-up. New springs and latest-generation Magnaride dampers now more than 50 per cent faster combined with body motion accelerometers reduce roll and pitch to deliver more precise handling whilst still guaranteeing an incredibly comfortable ride.

The California T is a strikingly compact car, a fact that boosts its sporty handling dynamics, while still maintaining truly generous cabin space. Both chassis and bodyshell are made entirely from aluminium.

Best Aftermarket Exhaust System for California T?

This is a lightweight solution with high torsional rigidity, a particularly important factor for a drop-top car, making for better performance and safety. A generous grille lends the car an aura of power and sportiness too while the sleek bonnet emphasises the muscular wings either side which incorporate the headlights and the two characteristic vents used to dissipate hot air from the engine. The rear features new horizontal styling elements and was subject to intensive aerodynamic honing resulting in a new triple-fence diffuser.

All presented as a beautifully elegant hand-crafted package focusing on sophisticated materials and finishes whilst also being superbly functional. I am Interested Search Our Inventory. Dimensions and Weight Length Front x 34 mm Rear x 32 mm. Combined Ferrari California T Powertrain A completely new engine that, in a world first, combines the instantaneous response to commands, blistering performance, impressive torque and signature sound typical of a conventional Ferrari power unit with the fuel efficiency of a turbo.

Vehicle Dynamics. Exterior A generous grille lends the car an aura of power and sportiness too while the sleek bonnet emphasises the muscular wings either side which incorporate the headlights and the two characteristic vents used to dissipate hot air from the engine.By Adam Binnie.

Bauer Automotive's new cars editor; likes bikes and burgers, often over-tyred. But getting behind the wheel of something like a or F12 can be a pretty intimidating event to the uninitiated. Maranello knows this and for nearly ten years has baited childhood-wish fulfilling customers with the softer, comfier and easier to use California.

So, on paper at least, it does seem rather at odds that you can now opt for an optional Handling Speciale package — which makes the California T less comfortable, louder and more edgy, in exchange for sportier dynamics.

There are also revisions to the gearbox for faster shifts, and recalibrated traction control that allows a bit more leeway when accelerating out of a corner or driving over bumpy roads. Accentuating this new athletic edge are a matte grey rear diffuser and front grill, black tail pipes and a California T Handling Speciale badge on the central armrest, broadcasting your helmsmith alter-ego to concertina-legged passengers squeezing into the back seats.

Ferrari reckons the standard ride is somewhere between the Comfort and Sport settings in the standard car, with the hardest of all California T set ups accessed by dialling Sport mode into the boiled-down, three-option Manettino.

No, you get the same 3. Helping create the illusion of greater speed is a new, three-decibel-louder exhaust. We reckon this new version will prove even more popular. After all, the premium it commands is small change in Ferrari terms, and the upgrades add considerable handling and aural verve. You could even call it good value for money — the black alloy wheels on our test car cost more.

Read more Ferrari reviews. But is Back to Ferrari. More like this: Ferrari California T review. By Adam Binnie Bauer Automotive's new cars editor; likes bikes and burgers, often over-tyred. More info on Ferrari California. Does that mean it Other Models.

Photo Gallery.That's significant. Ferrari launches its mid-engine sports cars on home turf, always giving journalists a handful of laps on its own test track as well as the chance to try the car in question on the surrounding roads. But to underline that the California is a different kind of Ferrari, a more-rounded, less focused car, the latest incarnations of the coupe-cabriolet have always been unveiled far from Fiorano.

The Italian Riviera scenery was sensational, but in a way it was a shame. This new California Handling Speciale deserved the Maranello treatment. When Ferrari bolted on a blower to create the California T two years ago, it brought its entry-level vehicle a step closer to the lofty standards set by the rest of the family.

The California was still a car designed to appeal primarily to first-time Ferrari buyers, but this time it was fun for existing owners too. Now there's an optional performance kit, the Handling Speciale package, that's designed to draw the two strands of the Ferrari brand even closer together. This new one is much more polished on surfaces that aren't. Spring rates are increased a significant 16 percent at the front and 19 percent at the back, but Ferrari says it was able to do that without killing the comfort thanks to advances in the magnetorheological dampers.

The handling's as idiot-friendly as the manettino toggle on the steering wheel that allows you to tweak the suspension settings. The California is a lb machine, but the extra suspension stiffness gives the body control a boost, keeping movements in tighter check and helping improve the turn-in despite the HS wearing identical Pirelli P Zero rubber to the stock model.

Comfort mode holds together longer than you expect when you up the pace, but you'll want to select Sport mode if you're putting any real kind of energy into the drive. Push the car a little harder into the turns and you discover that the California's neutral chassis balance and almost total lack of understeer means the rear tires are more than along for the ride. You need to work with that idea to keep things smooth. It's not that the rear end feels ready to break completely loose, but there's a definite shift in cornering attitude as the weight moves.

You can feel the car rotate through the curve, and if you don't listen to the messages you feel through the seat of your pants, and instead leave the ESP to intervene, progress can get a little jerky. Imagine you're some s GP hero four-wheel drifting his Dino through Monza's storied curves, and the HS is quite the entertainer.

It's why it deserves that horse on the nose. Switch the ESP out fully and you'll find the traction is actually really strong, as you'd expect given the my-first-Ferrari remit. You'll have to try unnaturally hard to slide the HS in the dry, but it'll happily move around in the damp, and move quickly—just make sure your steering corrections are as lag-free as the engine.

No prizes for guessing which is quicker. The mid-engined machine is on a different level, but 3.

Ferrari California T Handling Speciale (2016) UK review

The HS pack isn't entirely without compromise. It can't be retrofitted to existing cars, and although the ride is good, it's definitely worse than the standard model's. If you were only buying a California for the pose, you'd still be better off in the stock machine.

But for everyone else the HS kit is good enough to consider a mandatory option.FerrariChat - The world's largest Ferrari community. MKM1 Rookie. Greetings FerrariChat! I've been on the look for an aftermarket exhaust system to fit in my car. The current exhaust system is good, yet it doesn't really do justice to the car's wonderful turbo charged engine. I prefer the exhaust to be very loud when valves are completely opened. I'm well aware of Capristo's offering as I have recently fitted their titanium package in my audi r8 v What do you guys recommend?

As I recall, it could be turned on and off with a remote Fabspeed Motorsport F1 Rookie. The ECU tune is where all the fun is at - it kicked ours up to territory. Mar 22, 2, Texas Full Name: John. Joe Fabspeed Karting. Travis can elaborate on an ECU tune. Basically Ferrari spa uses the same engine in the California turbo and Ferrari drastically restrained the power curves of the California Turbo to make it feel energetic but restrained in acceleration so it does feel too fast during acceleration and then have a burst of hard acceleration at the high end.

You all likely read this in the car magazines when Ferrari actually mentioned limiting boost and power across the low and middle RPM bands. You will have great sports car sound and real style power that is shockingly good in the California.

Check out Fabspeed Motorsport website for Video explanations and dyno details. Hello Joe! Thanks for the much needed feedback! I want to inform you that I've went for the capristo offering for the Cali T and the sound is surprisingly great after replacing the original mufflers.

However, I still want to purchase the x-pipe!

Ferrari Portofino - The Best Looking Convertible Ferrari Ever? - TEST DRIVE

Would the fabspeed x-pipe replacement go with the capristo mufflers? Regards, MK. Carnut F1 Rookie. My T is in storage till April and I am starting to look at possibly adding an exhaust.

It sounds a bit tame as it is. I was curious to see what other owners have gone with. Fabspeed Motorsport likes this. Sent you a DM! Thanks Tom, I will consider your product, and you are not far from me. Aug 22, 13, Well it seems I always manage to find or this time it found me a deal.With very few exceptions F40forced induction used to be blasphemous in Maranello—not enough aural emotion.

And now here we have the new California T, short for turbo. What are we to make of this?

2015 Ferrari California T

Is Ferrari simply holding out on its entry-level American customers, leaving the good, naturally aspirated stuff slightly out of reach? Or has turbocharging somehow redeemed itself in better Modenese society? Before we answer the foregoing, know that the updated Cali brings more than just a pair of turbos. All the sheetmetal is new with the exception of the folding roof. The visual trickery works from the outside, making the rear seem lower and wider. In the rearview mirror, it still looks like the car is wearing a large backpack.

The new turbocharged engine is based on the Maserati V-8, though block architecture is about all this 3. The Ferrari version gets a flat-plane crankshaft, special heads, and complex headers with three-piece cast-and-welded construction and equal-length runners.

In a frank moment, Ferrari admits that the 3. Both are major improvements over the old California. Ferrari claims the engine downsizing will pull the Cali out of gas-guzzler-tax range, and we estimate EPA mileage of 17 mpg city, 24 highway. But the company also acknowledges the obvious: A heavy throttle will diminish efficiency. Still, the combination of improved fuel economy from a smaller V-8 and increased performance bestowed by turbochargers was too much for Ferrari to ignore.

Mash the accelerator pedal and there is just a faint whistle indicating that this engine is force-fed. Lumber along in a higher gear and the turbos muffle the exhaust note. At high rpm, though, the engine emits the unmistakable wail of a flat-plane Ferrari V Engine management manipulates the maximum available torque, depending on the selected gear. About pound-feet is on call in first through third gears, ramping up slightly for each gear thereafter to a maximum of at rpm in seventh. This makes the hp engine feel more like a peaky, naturally aspirated V With the newest magnetorheological dampers and percent-stiffer springs, the T rides exceptionally well.

What appear to be spine-smacking potholes come and go with little more than some flutter and noise. Nonetheless, the standard carbon-ceramic brakes are built for track duty, with plenty of feedback and pedal feel.

Will Ferrari turbocharge all its future models for incremental gains in efficiency? Probably not. Displacement: cu in, cc Power: hp rpm Torque: lb-ft rpm.

New Cars. Buyer's Guide. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. View Photos. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.Jump to navigation. The new model is a sizeable facelift of the six-year old Californiawith an additional T on the badge referencing the most significant change to the car: the adoption of a twin-turbocharged engine.

Ferrari claims mph in 3. The new engine is a 3. While making bhp and, at times, lb ft. At times? Only when seventh gear is engaged on the twin-clutch transmission which has longer overall ratios than beforedoes the engine make its full complement of torque. Ferraris are meant to rev stratospherically.

In higher gears it peaks earlier and the slope is flatter, until you reach the full-whack, table-top curve of seventh. The idea is that the T feels more like a naturally aspirated car in low gears — Ferrari makes some bold claims about the response times of the twin-scroll turbos — but is as lazily responsive as a GT car should be in higher gears. Does it work? Elsewhere, the exterior panels, save those for the unchanged roof, are all different.

The interior has been looked over; the dashboard refined; leather upgraded; a boost monitor all but unreadable in sunlight added; and the communications screen refreshed for one that still lags behind the best.

And, finally, underneath there are 12 percent stiffer springs, a 10 percent quicker steering rack not that I remember thinking it needed one and the latest-generation magnetorheological dampers — they can stiffen or soften very quickly, is what you need to know about those. Is it better than its predecessor?

Leagues better.

This one does both, at the same time. In fact, it rides particularly well, regardless of in which position Comfort or Sport you place the manettino, which brings stiffer damping. That means it still sounds raw and clean and crisp like a flat-plane V8 should, rather than like a Subaruas far as I can tell from the simulation Ferrari played us.

But it is fairly quiet. And in those lower gears the sensation of increasing urge really is there. Response, at higher revs, is genuinely impressive whatever the aspiration. Less satisfactory at any rate, is the steering.

I found it a bit light; a bit quick at around 2. The T does what a front-engine, rear drive car with a slight rearward weight bias ought to. Oppo, dab, away, etc. Back to top Other notables? The raw stats say mph in 3. And whatever you pick, the Ferrari California T has some relative merits against it.